Our story began with a question – how are the hard candies made?


Our creative approach to a making of hard candies helps us to grow and create new and unique works of art. We are proud of our candies, and we believe there will be many delicious surprises in the future.


Eventually everything is based on unconditional love for your work, team, and life itself. One of the secret ingredients of all our candies is …love!


Hard candies, made in our enterprise, contain only natural and high quality raw materials. We are very high-demanding, and therefore ingredients and their dosage for candies are chosen very carefully – even glucose syrup we use is a result of a natural fermentation process.

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We work hard and choose only the top enterprises to become our partners. It is very important that they have the same thoughts and vision about naturalness, health and life.

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These aren’t just candies, it is love for live!

All  candies are 100% handmade. Hard candies can come in almost any flavor and shape to suit all tastes.

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